Find casual work and start immediately.
Source qualified casual employees instantly.

Find work and start immediately.
Source qualified employees instantly.

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Gigaminute is your trusted source for job openings. Get up-to-date information through our website and follow us on social!


Gigaminute is the workplace matchmaker.
Nominate your terms and and match with jobs.
Bid for extra hourly income over the base wage for your occupation.
Create your profile to access workplace flexibility.
Review and rate your work environment.

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Job Search

Search and apply to jobs that meet your lifestyle!

Job Matches

We automatically match jobs to your profile.

Easy Apply

Apply with your resume to save time! Your resume is saved for future applications.

Job Alerts

Get alerted when new jobs are posted. Create as many free Job Alerts as you want.

Text Message Alerts

Be the first to apply to a new job when you receive instant text notifications!

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All of the workers you find on Gigaminute are our employees. They are insured, their qualifications and credentials reviewed and certified.
Once you have shortlisted or selected a worker you can organize for them to meet for an interview or start work immediately. Workers receive the award wage corresponding to their job. A worker can choose to request a higher rate above the award and you can choose to engage at this rate or negotiate with them. 
All candidates have a rating based on previous work history allowing you to choose the right fit.
Our service ensures that all you need to do is focus on your business expertise and leave all of the HR administration and compliance to us.
At the end of each pay cycle whether you have 1 or 20 workers you simply pay one invoice.

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Job Posting

Post jobs manually as you need them filled or let us import them to save you time!

Resume Matching

Match your jobs to workers with the click of a button!

Message Center

Communicate with workers directly from our Message Center before you schedule an interview.

Custom Dashboard

All of your account stats are displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard each time you sign in so you can continually monitor your ROI.

Email Templates

Email templates make it easy for you to quickly contact individual workers or a group of potential workers.

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